Do B12 shots really do anything or is it all a myth?


If you are in any way into health and fitness, you’ve probably heard about B12 shots. This is an injection of the B12 vitamin that you can get as frequently as you’d like – though it isn’t recommended more than once a week. Most individuals opt for monthly B12 shots. You’ve probably considered them, but have questions about what the benefits, risks and alternatives are.

Benefits you may experience:

Negative outcomes you may experience:

Injection versus pill

There aren’t strong reasons to get a shot versus a pill of B12, unless you are anemic. Those that suffer anemia may have better outcomes with an injection versus a supplement. The body may absorb the B12 more effectively in injection form as well. If you opt for an injection, you will see and feel results quicker and injections are typically more potent.

The short answer is yes, B12 shots do have many benefits that might help you with daily life and has the potential to have many positive long term health effects.


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