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An annual physical is one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to your health and well-being. At Neighborhood Medical Center in Dallas, Dr. Martin G. McElya provides comprehensive annual exams that are key in spotting potential risks before they become major medical issues. To ensure your good health each year, call to schedule your annual physical, or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.

Annual Physicals Q & A

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Why do I need an annual physical?

Enough can’t be said about the value of an annual physical or wellness exam. In fact, many insurance companies cover these visits completely because of the enormous value they deliver in terms of early intervention and prevention.

For Dr. McElya, annual physicals provide him with the opportunity to track and monitor your health from year to year, allowing him to spot and mitigate potential problems before they become full-blown medical issues.

For patients who suffer from chronic conditions, an annual physical allows Dr. McElya to not only track your condition, but also ensure that you remain healthy in other areas so that your condition isn’t unnecessarily compounded.

Even if you’re feeling healthy, annual physicals are important for maintaining your great health.

What is checked at an annual physical?

During your annual physical, Dr. McElya performs the following:

Baseline information gathering

To get started, Dr. McElya checks basic vital signs including your temperature, blood pressure, respiration rate, and heart rate. He also measures your height and weight. All of these measurements are added to your medical history and provide useful baseline information.

Visual exam

With your vital stats recorded, Dr. McElya moves on to a visual exam, assessing your overall appearance, including your musculoskeletal structure, your eyes, and your skin.

Physical exam

For this part of the physical, Dr. McElya checks several areas, including your:

  • Reflexes
  • Lymph nodes
  • Balance
  • Genitalia, if necessary
  • Abdomen

Lab tests

Either before or after your physical, Dr. McElya takes a sample of your blood and urine for lab tests. Blood tests reveal a considerable amount about how your body is functioning and play an important role in your annual wellness check.

What if the doctor spots a problem?

An annual physical is designed to do exactly that — spot anything that might be of consequence to your health. For example, if Dr. McElya notices that your blood pressure is on the high side and you’ve gained some weight, he suggests ways to address both to eliminate much larger problems down the road.

Whatever Dr. McElya discovers, he has ample opportunity to investigate further and point you in the right direction for prevention or treatment.

To stay one step ahead of your health, call Neighborhood Medical Center to set up an annual physical, or book one online.

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