Benefits of CBD Products


We've heard a lot about CBD, but what specific things can it help with? A few answers are below!:

Chronic skin conditions

Research on CBD has shown potential benefits in the treatment of acne, allergic dermatitis and psoriasis! Your skin has more CBD receptors than any other part of your body. Studies have shown that CBD can reduce oil production of the skin, help to alleviate the non-stop itch of dermatitis, and stop over production of skin cells that can lead to conditions like psoriasis. CBD has also been shown to improve the appearance of scars, increase skin hydration and also improve elasticity. Ask your provider about our Moringa Skin Food as an option.

Chronic and acute pain

Research has shown CBD can help with both chronic and acute pain. CBD works in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which we now knows plays a big role in homestasis, a fancy word for balanced. CBD activates and inhibits certain compounds in the ECS that modulate pain, resulting in a person feeling less pain. CBD also reduces pain by reducing total inflammation, thus making it helpful for arthritis and neuropathy.
We have two products that can potentially assit with pain:
Icy Hemp: topical pain relief for sore achy muscles, arthritic joints or neuropathy of the hands and feet. Best for smaller areas of pain
Tincture: CBD oil that is taken orally and placed under the tongue. Best for whole body pain or a pain score >5 on a scale from 1-10.
Not getting a full eight hours of sleep a night? CBD might be able to help. Research has shown CBD can help alleviate the different root causes of insomnia. For some patients that cause is chronic pain, for others it’s anxiety and there is data supporting the use of CBD in both of these conditions. CBD was also shown to improve REM sleep disorder in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Taken before bed it may be exactly what you need to fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. One study even found that patients taking CBD woke up feeling more alert than those who were not taking CBD. Some individuals prefer tinctures and some prefer the icy hemp to help with sleep troubles. 
Our providers are here to help answer any questions and have you feeling your best!




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